Just a housewife

Let me share a few things about myself which may not be immediately clear just from reading my blog:

I became a mother at age 21.

Last year I took my first commercial flight since I was 3.

I have never been outside of the USA.

I have done almost no traveling outside of the Midwest.

I was planning to be a high school English teacher before I became a mother.

I have 5 kids and two step-children.

I am entirely self-taught re scripture, religion, philosophy/rhetoric, psychology, ANE culture, and other topics I discuss here.

I have never been able to learn a foreign language.

I have been a stay-at-home mom/housewife for the last 12 years.

At this moment, I am sitting in my bedroom in a house that can be seen from I-94 ignoring 3 of my children who are bickering and pretending to be hissing cats.

All of which is to say that from the outside, I hardly seem like anyone special who would be qualified to speak on anything special.  I’m just a housewife.  It has taken a lot of chutzpa on my part to keep writing here as if I had anything anyone might be interested in reading. Continue reading “Just a housewife”

Sometimes You Just Have To Be Your Own Cheerleader!

Dearest Rebecca,

Hi! I’ve heard that you’ve been having a hard time lately so I thought you could use some encouragement. I know that between being sick and hating housework and wishing you could have just one full child free day and night every couple of years, you feel like you’re drowning and can’t hold things together. Heck, I hear that you even lost your purse last week after leaving it on the top of the car. What a bummer! But, you know, shit happens. Shake it off. No use crying over spilt milk and all that. I mean look at all the things you’re juggling. You’ve got 5 kids. Everyday you make sure people are wearing clean clothes and sleeping on clean sheets and some days your own clothes are even clean. You check backpacks and harass errant students and sometimes even remember girl scout meetings before they start. Continue reading “Sometimes You Just Have To Be Your Own Cheerleader!”

Writing my first traditional, non-sucky Haiku

  I wish I could show  the beauty I see in you when love looks through me Many poets say that their poems just come to them, often fully formed.  This is both how I usually write poems and why I haven’t written a lot more poetry. Usually it starts with some phrase that floats around my head for a while.  Sometimes that’s all there is.   I’ve had some phrases … Continue reading Writing my first traditional, non-sucky Haiku

I Am The Willow In Winter

I wrote this poem ages and ages ago but never thought it was very good.  But lines from it keep popping into my head lately.  So I thought I’d share.  I am the willow in winter Long swaying branches like tenticles dance on frigid air tinkling an icy fugue the leafless branches are all beauty, no life. I will be the willow in spring reaching down to … Continue reading I Am The Willow In Winter

You Like Me, You Really, Really Like Me!

The internet is so awesome.  It’s like a really broad-scale demonstration of what it would look like if we took the most prosperous 25% of all humanity and transferred their brains to the “the cloud”.  It’s like the internet – the good, the bad, the so bad it’s good and so good it’s making me want to start a meme – is just sitting out … Continue reading You Like Me, You Really, Really Like Me!

What to do when you wake up in hell

Today, I want to share a bit more about a short story from my book The Upside Down World – A Book of Wisdom in Progress.  In the story, I imagine a conversation between the resurrected Jesus and one of his disciples when the question, “what was it like being dead?” gets asked.  From the story: As he stared into the fire in front of … Continue reading What to do when you wake up in hell

Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge

This may sound odd coming from someone who writes and thinks about Christianity as much as I do, but I rarely read Christian books.  I don’t even visit Christian sights and blogs anymore.   Most of what’s out there is just the same thing over and over or people arguing with each other.  So its not usually worth my time.  The one current author who is, … Continue reading Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge