Heads or Tails?

I’m about to go all theological on ya here . . . So, I don’t know why, but I was thinking last night about how the bible says that the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is head of the church.  (Why, what do you think about as you’re drifting off to sleep if it’s not random bible verses?  LOL)  Aside from … Continue reading Heads or Tails?

Women’s Roles in the Bible

wives_submitI have two rules which guide me in my study of scriptures:

1. If the bible is unchanging, then it can not have been intended to communicate one thing to the people to whom it was originally given and something entirely different today.  If our modern common sense reading of scripture is in conflict with how the ancients would have understood the same verses, then our modern understanding is wrong, no matter how obvious, universally held or apparent it is.

2. Where the bible appears to be in conflict with its self or with the real world around us, this should be seen as a red marker pointing to something which needs to be explored further.  Too often we try to explain away these contradictions or make the unacceptable seem more reasonable when what we really need to do is pray, study and dig deeper.  In my experience I have frequently found that these “red markers” point to areas where there is a problem with translation or our modern assumptions are interfering with our understanding and on occassion, I have even come to see that some aspect of our understanding about God or life is entirely off base and needs to be adjusted.

These two rules have served me well, although what I learn from applying them frequently leaves me well outside of mainstream Christian opinion on some issues.  I haven’t quite decided yet if that is a good thing or bad thing and what I’m supposed to do with all that, but time will tell.

At any rate, one of the most vexing problems of scriptures for us moderns is the bible and women.  My first revelation that there might be something wrong with our modern approach to what the bible says about women came years ago when my husband and I were newly married.  We were having a really hard time and I went into a Christian bookstore looking for some sort of answer which would rid us our misery.  While browsing through books, I came across one which claimed to explain the biblical injunction for wives to submit to their husbands in such a way that a woman could be at peace with her role.  The key, this author claimed, was that women had the easier part; while women were called to submit, men actually had to LOVE their wives.  You see, the oft quoted verses first tell women to submit to their husbands and for husbands to love their lives.  Since only husbands are instructed to love their wives, this author reasoned, women were free to despise, hate or just be indifferent to their husbands so long as they were submissive towards them. Continue reading “Women’s Roles in the Bible”