Regarding the State of My Country

You kind of have to laugh to keep from crying. Sometimes my heart just breaks as I watch the lengths the powers of this world are willing to go to to protect a corrupt, destructive system from even the most reasonable, necessary changes. The pain and suffering they’re happy to inflict on everyone while acting like we don’t deserve any better. I have moments where … Continue reading Regarding the State of My Country

Why Donald Trump Talks the Way He Does – and Why It Works

Back in college, I made some halfway decent money selling high end knives in people’s homes. One of the perks of the job was that the company provided us with some pretty high quality training in sales, time management, motivation and the like. The managers were big fans of people like Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie and Steven Covey and took turns giving talks sharing what … Continue reading Why Donald Trump Talks the Way He Does – and Why It Works

Promote Yourself!

I love my dad, but he was the source of the worst bit of advice I’ve ever recieved (and unfortunately believed for a long time!).  He told me that if you were really remarkable or doing something well, you wouldn’t need to go around tooting your own horn because if it was really that great, other people would notice it for themselves.  Sigh.  If only I could get … Continue reading Promote Yourself!

Tolerance and Boundaries

I was talking with a friend recently and the subject of boundaries came up.  Everyone she knows, my friend told me, struggles with setting appropriate boundaries with people.  I told her that I am not perfect at it, but I do a pretty good job with setting boundaries.  She wanted to know how I do it, but seemed less enthused when I told her the … Continue reading Tolerance and Boundaries