When Evil Attacks a Boy

Sooooo . . . been a bit quiet around here, eh? Well, don’t let appearances fool you. I’ve been busy doing very important things. Like resting. Recharging. Recuperating. I’m filling the bucket up so eventually I’ll have new stuff to dump here. Promise. I’m just working on God’s time and apparently the God who has all of eternity at his fingertips doesn’t rush anything. Go figure.

But in the meantime, he has given me little things to work on behind the scenes. One of which is working with and ministering to a rather remarkable man in Pakistan. Some of you may remember me telling you about meeting him a while back. Continue reading

Prayers for my mom

My mother is in the hospital.  It could be something serious or maybe not.  I don’t know if the doctors know right now and neither of my parents are the best sources of information.  So if y’all could just pray for her, ‘twould be much appreciated.

Long Couple of Weeks

I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like because it’s just been an incredibly long and trying couple of weeks around here.  Yesterday and today were particularly horrible.  If anyone who wanders by here could say a prayer for our family, it would be much appreciated.   And if you want to ship us some diapers, soy milk and cash, that’d be much appreciated as well 🙂

Prayer Request

I’m taking this down because I’m never real comfortable having something this personal up.  It’s a personal quirk, not anything dogmatic about blogging personal things.  I’m just generally a private person who was having a very trying day.  Thank you so much to anyone who said a prayer for my family.  And any continued prayers for us are very much appreciated as well.