Writing my first traditional, non-sucky Haiku

  I wish I could show  the beauty I see in you when love looks through me Many poets say that their poems just come to them, often fully formed.  This is both how I usually write poems and why I haven’t written a lot more poetry. Usually it starts with some phrase that floats around my head for a while.  Sometimes that’s all there is.   I’ve had some phrases … Continue reading Writing my first traditional, non-sucky Haiku

Emergency Prayers

My high school English teacher told us to do this and I still do: say a prayer when you see flashing lights or hear a siren. Keeping a good perspective is absolutely essential to enjoying life and emergency lights and sirens are great reminders of just how good our lives our.  Because somewhere nearby someone is having a really, really, really bad day. Flashing lights … Continue reading Emergency Prayers

Suspend Judgement

There’s an old story about a poor farmer’s son who goes to see a raja and his procession going through town.  As the raja passes by, he drops a ring which the boy retrieves and returns to the raja.  As a reward, the boy is given one of the raja’s fine horses.  Everyone tells the boy how wonderful this is; now his father will have … Continue reading Suspend Judgement

You Live Like Royalty!

People working in impoverished areas around the world know that giving something to just one or a few individuals in a community creates intense conflict and resentment with those who did not receive anything.  It doesn’t matter if those who received worked to earn it or if what was given is of little value.  There seems to be something very deep in us that causes … Continue reading You Live Like Royalty!