Of all the epitaphs we throw around “lazy” is probably the one we see as inexcusable.  Which is funny because we all have a tendency to be lazy.  We were made to need rest.  And sometimes what we call lazy is genuinely struggling to do something we’re not good at and find really unpleasant.  It’s a normal part of life.  And feeling bad about a … Continue reading Laziness

Very Demotivational

I have been reminded of this scene from Lord of the Rings frequently as of late, so I looked it up and I must admit, it cracked me up: AHAHAHAHAH!   Way to rally the troops, Denethor!  Thank heaven’s Gandalf (whose character represents wisdom, donchano) was there to knock the crap out of him! Panic is pretty much never a good thing, IMO. Continue reading Very Demotivational