Fake It Till Ya Make It!

I always feel like I’m supposed to magically know what to do or say in any situation. Perhaps I missed a bunch of days in “how to be a human” school cuz I don’t.  Then again, perhaps one of the reasons people usually prefer to live predictable lives surrounded by predictable people is because it minimizes those uncomfortable caught-off-guard moments of life.  However, life has … Continue reading Fake It Till Ya Make It!

My 6 year old’s math problem

The other day, I realized that I had a problem with my 6 year old’s math. You see, a year ago, when I ordered a pre-algebra workbook for his brother, he asked for his own workbook. So I got him the first Miquon Math book on the recommendation of a reasonably like minded friend. Collin loves his math workbook because he can flip through and … Continue reading My 6 year old’s math problem