An Aspiring Dumb Aleck Speaks

When I was a kid, every time one of my parents said, “don’t be a smart aleck” I had to supress the mighty urge to respond, “would you rather I be a dumb aleck?”  (I’m pretty sure my attempts at repression failed more than once.)  Even worse was when my dad would get frustrated with me and tell me, “ah- you just think you’re right.”  Well, yeah – of course I think I’m right.  If I thought I were wrong, I would change my mind.  Duh.  Change my mind if I’m so wrong.  (At this point my father is saying to the monitor: “finally – she tells it like it really is!” To which I must simply point out that I was a teenager who never drank, smoked, did drugs, went to parties, dated or had sex.  And I was usually on the honor roll and attended mass daily.  The challenges of raising me could probably be viewed as the parenting equivalents of first world problems.)

My favorite people have always been the ones who I could crack wise with to my heart’s content.  Part of the bond I always shared with the qxh (quasi-ex-husband) was the fact that I could say almost any outrageous over-the-top thing that popped into my head around him.  Which can create its own complications.  I had to sit him down a couple of years into our marriage to explain that we don’t actually live in a sitcom and if he didn’t tone it down, he was going to find himself in the middle of a family melodrama with no batteries in the remote. 

Last night I attended a divorce care recovery group where it was recommended that we make a list of what we have lost in divorce.  One of those things for me has been having a place for my personality to just sprawl out where ever it wanted to go.  Continue reading