Oh, America, How Do I Love Thee?

It’s good to remember that one of the hallmarks of American character, going right back to the very beginning, has been that we tend to be uncooperative when we see fit. We enjoy a strong rule of law, but that’s never been one of the markers of our identity as Americans. Throwing tea into the harbor, running underground railroads and putting up speakeasies is more our style.

So, in that grand tradition, and because you deserve a laugh, allow me to share with you the response of the American people to Mike Pence’s attempt to get people to come to Trump’s inauguration. I’ve linked to it, but given the tenor of the comments, I expect it will be taken down at some point. So if the link doesn’t work, enjoy some screen shots of loyal Americans being assholes for the cause.

First we have the “things I’d rather do” category of comments:


Then there’s the cracks about the Russians:



The political sniping:



And it appears that many people have other engagements on that day:


Many people plan will be available for future events, however:


And then there’s the matter of your everlasting soul to consider:


America. Home of the free and the land of the smartass.



So does this mean they’re going to grow up to be terrorists?

This afternoon my 8 year old was annoying me so I suggested that he play his zoo tycoon game on another computer.  This is one of those games where you have to set up a business and run it well to make more money to re-invest into the business and grow it, etc.  Part of the game format is that if you screw it up, chaos can erupt with animals eating each other, and terrorizing patrons, etc.  Which, if I understand correctly you are supposed to try and avoid.  Because it’s bad for business.  At least I’m pretty sure that’s the idea.  Unless your name is Collin.  In which case, you try to screw it up as grandly as possible.  Because watching animals fight and people run screaming from a lion on the loose is apparently really, really funny.  Especially if your 12 year old brother is looking over your shoulder egging you on.  They did mention their frustration with the zoo keepers who kept showing up and sedating the animals they had let loose.  Apparently the zoo keepers on the video game had more sense then the ones at the San Diego zoo.  But anyways . . .  I’m just so darn proud.  *Sniff*