The best parenting advice I’ve heard all year!

Today I was reading through a fairly fluffy article offering advice to parents of teens.  (Because with two teens in the house and a whole lot of future teens coming down the pipeline I need all the help I can get!)   In the middle of this fluffy little article, I found the best parenting advice I’ve read all year.   In the for-parents-of-teens version it goes: If … Continue reading The best parenting advice I’ve heard all year!

"Smart Sex"

It is really difficult to over estimate all the ways in which our culture bombards us and our children with the idea of sex as merely a recreational activity whose consequences can be avoided. Too many parents indulge their discomfort about the topic and fail to provide their kids with an equally strong, consistent and frequent alternative view. They think that making sure their kids … Continue reading "Smart Sex"

If you’re happy and you know it . . . perhaps you’re a SAM

Another one for the destruction of radical feminism by reality files: an exhaustive study by two sociologists at the University of Virginia has found that women who stay home with the kids rate themselves as happier with their lives than wives who work outside the home. This held true for both religious women who may see traditional gender roles as ideal and women who hold … Continue reading If you’re happy and you know it . . . perhaps you’re a SAM

Feminists "Intellectuals" vs Real American Women

Some of you may have read or heard something about feminist professor Linda Hirshman’s campaign to condemn well educated women for staying home with her kids. This started with a ridiculous article in American Prospect titled Homeward Bound in which she declares among other things “The family — with its repetitious, socially invisible, physical tasks — is a necessary part of life, but it allows … Continue reading Feminists "Intellectuals" vs Real American Women