This is fantastic!

I have become convinced over the last couple of years that we are facing a crisis of bad parenting in this country.  By which I don’t necessarily mean the usual complaints of overly indulgent parents or abusive parents, although these can certainly be a problem.  What I find particularly problematic is a lack of knowledge about normal human development and appropriate interaction with children.  It’s … Continue reading This is fantastic!

More on Public policy and Families

There’s an article up on The Weekly Standard called “Indentured Families” which I found very interesting. It outlines several prime examples of how the GOP, while being miles above the Democratic Party on many things, is hardly the champion of the family it is too often allowed to portray itself as. It gives examples of 3 specific policies which hurt families but because of specific … Continue reading More on Public policy and Families

Government Policies and Marriage

On of the topics I have brushed on here is how the government can/should change policies in order to encourage family formation and make it easier to maintain families. Unfortunately, whenever government and policies appear in the same sentence, people may assume I’m referring t new big-government programs. This is not the case at all. In The National Review Online today, one of the authors … Continue reading Government Policies and Marriage