So Much For Soft Hearted and Squishy Headed

There’s a popular stereotype which says that people who worry about the homeless, racism, poverty and other social ills have soft hearts and squishy heads. Those who do not share their concerns will often accuse them of abandoning logic for emotionalism. Because emotions are for silly women, queers and other people not to be taken seriously, of course. However, my friend Sonya (hi, Sonya!) recently … Continue reading So Much For Soft Hearted and Squishy Headed

Some Feelings Just Have to Be Felt

Ever held  a beach ball under water?  You can do it for a while, maybe even quite a while, but eventually the ball will pop back up to the surface and wildly careen off.  It’s pretty much the way our emotions work as well.  You can hold them under, but they don’t go away.  Unless you can hold them under until you die (gee, doesn’t … Continue reading Some Feelings Just Have to Be Felt

People who have feelings . . .

Research is discovering that we decide what to think and then look for reasons to believe that what we already think is true.  In other words, we don’t make decisions or have opinions because of facts, reason or logic.  We use facts, reasons and logic to support what we’ve already decided.  So if it’s not reason that we are using to make our decisions and … Continue reading People who have feelings . . .


Much to my family of origin’s dismay, sometimes my life is weird.  And interesting. For example, earlier this year I had a chance to learn massage therapy from a crazy, old, hippy, Christian massage and hypnotherapist.  He was a bit of a charlatan and con-artist, but a pretty sincere one.  If you asked him, he would tell you the color of your aura, how many … Continue reading Much-Ado-About-Feelings