Marmot for President!

I think it’s really important for us to remember that Trump does not and never has had the support of the American people. He lost the popular vote by millions of votes. He currently has something like a 37% approval rating. Which is unheard of for an incoming president. Even President G.W. Bush had a 62% approval rating after losing the popular vote. So it … Continue reading Marmot for President!

Your Simple Act of Resistance for the Day

Going forward, I’m going to try and share one simple action with detailed instructions which you can take each day to push back against Trump and other politicians who are hell bent on destroying our country. Today’s action was passed on to me by a friend on facebook and all it takes is a tweet. In his press conference today, Donald Trump made the claim … Continue reading Your Simple Act of Resistance for the Day

It’s a Disaster but Everything’s Perfect. I Guess

  So, two weeks ago today I fell on an icy driveway and broke my ankle. It was classic; my foot started to slip on the ice, hit dry gravel and stopped. I continued my fall, my foot did not. Just like in every other broken ankle story you’ve ever been told, I heard the crunch of breaking bones, screamed and went into shock. There … Continue reading It’s a Disaster but Everything’s Perfect. I Guess

And the Loser Is . . .

So, the votes are pretty well tallied and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by about 2.86 million. So consider this your daily reminder that this is not Trump’s country. He is serving against the will of the majority of American voters. I’m thinking I need to do a series of these memes. This chair could have beat Hillary. This earthworm. This bottle of water. … Continue reading And the Loser Is . . .

As Long As We’re Calling Spades Spades

The illustrious Professor Emeritus Dr. Paul Braterman, who blogs about issues of science and religion in Scotland at Primate’s Progress, commented on my last post: What passes for the leadership of the (relatively) more left-leaning US party must take its share of the blame. Why should Obamacare ever have been based on the discredited insurance model, when the single-payer, as quick comparison between the US … Continue reading As Long As We’re Calling Spades Spades