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For When You Can’t Function

Now here’s a subject I know a bit about – not being able to function. By which I mean not being able to engage in normal activities like writing or cleaning or answering emails or having conversations which require saying something other than “uh huh”, “you don’t say” and “I need to go lay down for a little bit”. So, my apologies for the long … Continue reading For When You Can’t Function

Allowing Rest to Restore

I have said for years that if only I were someone who dealt with stress by throwing myself into work, I could be a gazillionaire by now.  Unfortunately, just the opposite is true; as stress piles on, I just sloooooooow dooooown.  Stress just saps my energy.  Over the years this fact as much as anything has propelled my attempts to find healthy ways of dealing with whatever life throws at me.  I cannot afford to let things stress me out if they don’t have to; if I did I’d never get anything done!

Of course, sometimes life can overwhelm even our best coping mechanisms and I can feel that familiar lack of energy creeping in.  And I fight back the best I can.  I see my doctor and take my medicine and exercise and try not to spend too much time in bed and maybe even drink more water and eat less sugar.  I push myself to keep moving even when I don’t want to.  I make myself talk to people.  I try to be kinder to myself and everyone around me. 

But every once in a blue moon, the stress gets the upper hand and nothing I do helps Continue reading “Allowing Rest to Restore”

Hanging on by a broken toenail

“Hanging on by a broken toenail” was the description I gave of my mental state earlier today to a friend who, thankfully, listened to my overwhelming mess of a life until I felt better (thank you, Mary!).  If you haven’t been there before, just give it time.  It’ll come to most all of us, unfortunately.  Which is why years ago certain worship songs started to … Continue reading Hanging on by a broken toenail

Making Friends With Me

I have a tendency to be very hard on myself.  I had to learn to stop being my cruelest critic and become a friend.  To do this, I started thinking of how I would talk to, support and encourage a friend and applied it to myself.  I would never tell a friend, “well, you’re sure an idiot.  No wonder no one likes you.”  I don’t … Continue reading Making Friends With Me