My Amazing Discipline Trick!

One of these days, I’ll have to tell you about my oldest son Noah. He was really something. Even my mom didn’t want to watch him. And she had 9 kids. But that’s a kind of long story for another day. Suffice it to say he was challenging.

One of the things which made Noah particularly difficult is that he simply wasn’t responsive to punishment. He wasn’t vulnerable to any sort of trickery. “Flattery will get you no where” may well have been his first complete sentence. Time out was me dealing with a two hour fight and I’m sorry, you don’t get to just make me miserable for two hours straight like that. Day after day. Just . . . nothing I tried really worked. He was getting better over time, but good Lord, at the rate we were going he was going to be having temper tantrums on his honeymoon.

I think it was while reading some book on positive parenting that I came across the idea which actually worked. And it’s the discipline trick I’ve turned to almost exclusively with all my other kids. Because it works. AND it teaches them skills that they need to be good, healthy people. But it’s so simple, you might think I’m crazy. Continue reading


Infant “Container Syndrome”

I love Dr. Sears.  When my oldest son was a couple of months old I found a copy of his The Baby Book and felt like I had found a kindred spirit in parenting.  I remember reading a part in his book about how unnatural it was for us to put our babies in carriers, swings and strollers. He spoke of babies cuddled by plastic rather than loving arms.  He also talked about how these devices tend to contain a baby and restrict their movement, thus leading to delays in their natural development.

Surprise, surprise, it turns out that he was right.  Why do we always have to wait for evidence (ie screwed up human beings) to accept good advice?  I’m just saying.

And for what it’s worth, I generally gave my kids lots of “tummy time” and my oldest and youngest walked at 9 and 10 months respectively.   Then again, that may make you want to pull out the bouncy seat after all 🙂