Jiu-Jitsu for the Bullied

I homeschooled my boys for years and have always caught flack for it.  However, the one group of people who rarely criticized my decision were other parents with school-aged children.   More often than not, they seemed to feel compelled to offer an apologetic explanation for why they weren’t homeschooling their own kids.  Why?  Because they were well aware that we live in a world where … Continue reading Jiu-Jitsu for the Bullied

There are things I don’t understand

As anyone familiar with this blog knows, I homeschool my kids.  I’m really not a fanatic about homeschooling, in general.  It’s something we do for many, many reasons, but I wouldn’t presume to tell other people what they should do.  I’m perfectly willing to accept the idea that public schools are the best choice for many families.  However, like many homeschoolers, I sometimes find myself … Continue reading There are things I don’t understand