The Process is Life

Scriptures say that creation testifies to God. Science is simply the study of creation. It is the gathering and studying of the testimony of creation. Which is why I think that it is important for people of faith to be using science to deepen our understanding of God and his ways.

We see Jesus doing this, for example, in his teachings about seeds dying and bearing much fruit. It’s not just that Jesus was using a process which people were familiar with in order to explain something. It’s that this familiar process of creation is actually a living illustration of a much deeper, mysterious spiritual truth. It’s not just a coincidence that a seed works the same way that our spiritual life does. Rather, it’s reflects something purposeful in creation that testifies to God’s creation.

When you learn to see creation this way, all of life becomes imbued with deeper meaning. And it provides a corrective to our erroneous ideas. What we believe about God and his ways must be consistent with this universe he made.

That might seem to be a big claim to make, however, allow me to share something I read recently which illustrates just how deep this rabbit hole goes. I’m going to get all sciency with y’all for a bit. But I’ll make it simple and if you bear with me, I think you’ll see how taking creation’s testimony seriously can be a spiritually fruitful endeavor.

So, what I’m going to be talking about today has to do with the very origins of life. Not necessarily how life began – that’s a mystery we are rapidly closing in on. But the why. Why is there life at all? Continue reading

Free is good!

A while back at Why Homeschool, Henry Cate mentioned that your satisfaction with curriculum seems to have an inverse relationship to how much you paid for it. What you shell out big bucks for rarely works, but what you get for free is usually just what you needed. I completely agree!

My oldest son Noah is moving into high school level work, and truth to be told, I just don’t have money for the sort of text books he needs. So, I went looking on that modern miracle of the internet and found some free resources I’m very happy with that I thought I’d pass along to y’all.

High School Algebra:

There is a good, old fashioned Algebra One text book which is found here. We’re about half way through this one and have been very happy with it. Click on the picture of the Algebra book and it will take you to a page where you can choose to view the book online or via a pdf file. You can download it by chapter and there are answer keys available as well.


The Internet Grammar of English is a British resource which says that it is written primarily for university undergraduates. However, perhaps undergraduate means something different in Great Britain than it does here or perhaps it’s just a matter of how poor our education systems have become. My 12 year old son is not having any difficulty with the material which explains grammar much better than I could (not that that’s saying much!). This looks to be about a 2 year course to me.

AP Biology:

My son has an unusual interest in biology, and we had more than exhausted middle school science, so I decided to have him delve right into AP Biology. I found an online biology book here which overall I am happy with. It is up-to-date, well written and covers a very wide range of topics. Someone has put a lot of time into this one. HOWEVER, please be forewarned that the author is quite obviously no fan of religion. While I cannot abide creationist lies myself, I am also a devout Christian and some of his comments about religion and science in sections about evolution cross the line for me. I copied those sections into Word and just edited out the offending material. I was able to do this with no effect on the overall coherence or material presented (which only goes to show how extraneous this author’s beef with religion is to the topic at hand, but you know!).

A couple of other places to look for free texts for your kids that I found are:

Free Load Press has mostly college level texts if you are looking for AP level courses for your kids. There are many Computer Application texts available on this sight. There is a brief registration in order to gain access to the books. And there are advertisements embedded in the texts, so use your judgement. These texts open in Adobe.

Textbook Revolution is a more eclectic sight and there’s some good stuff there as well.

If you know of any good, free resources, please share! Because free is good 🙂  And sharing is caring ;P