Theological Concepts

What is Salvation Anyways?

It’s not really about when you die.

Did God Really Demand the Death of His Son For the Forgiveness of Sins?

One of the more poignant arguments against Christianity is that the Christian God demanded that his son be offered up as a human blood sacrifice in order for justice to be satisfied and forgiveness offered. However, the claim that the crucifixion of Jesus was a sacrifice demanded by God, ignores the bald, ugly reality of what actually happened.

The Sacrifice of Jesus and The Prodigal Son

What the story of the Prodigal Son tells about God’s response to the death of his son.


The problem with fundamentalists is that they always choose the wrong verses to take literally.

Why We Sin

We Sin because we fall for counterfeit answers for the Godly thing we seek.

Who Are We? (Your Answer is Probably Wrong)

You have an identity given by God. It can be hidden, but never removed.

It’s the Prime Directive

The old theodicy problem. Rethinking our ideas about suffering, responsibility and whether God was following Adam and Eve around Eden swatting away malarial mosquitoes.

Sins Against the Holy Spirit

No one seems to have a very good explanation of what might count as a sin against the Holy Spirit.  I have my theories.


I always wondered about faith.  Evangelicals say that you have to choose to have it.  Calvanists say that you are predestined to either have it or not.  It’s a free gift that you cannot earn.  But you have to nurture and hang onto it.  Catholics and Orthodox Christians practice it with rituals.  So many contradictory ideas

Fear of the Lord

I think that fear of God comes from really knowing that God does not respect our limits.

Original Sin

Yeah, I believe in original sin. . . Finally – something that’s not my fault!

Why Was The Tree Of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden?

What’s the Deal With Adam and Eve? Part 1

What happens to the creation stories when you let go of a literal reading?  Good things!

What’s the Deal with Adam and Eve? Part 2

And then, there were two.

An Argument in Support of an Angry God

Have you ever read a history book?

Judgement Day

What will the judgement be?

How will our lives be judged?

My own “mind blowing” theory

good shepherdA Christian Understanding of Death

But we do not want you to be uninformed, brethren, about those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope. ~ 1 Thessalonians 4:13


Playing with time.

The Emotional God

So, what sort of character is God? A much more familiar one than you might expect.

The Christian’s Role in Society

Are we supposed to be shaping the culture to conform to Christian standards?

About those tickled ears

How to recognize false teachers when you meet ’em.

Is Christianity the One True Religion?spain path

Understanding what Christian particularity does and does not mean.

preacher3One Sermon

If I had one chance to explain Christianity to the world, this may well be what I would say.

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