People are sometimes startled to hear me say it, but the truth is that if you have no real prayer life, you also have no real relationship with God. It may be harsh to some ears, but it’s the truth. You may know of God, but that’s not the same thing as actually knowing God. Since prayer is generally not taught well in most churches, this is an area which many people struggle with, either because they don’t know how to make prayer a part of their faith walk or because prayer doesn’t seem to “work” the way they have been taught to assume it will. But fear not – The Upside Down World has plenty to share on the topic of prayer!

girlreadingweb5 Easy Ideas For Incorporating Prayer Into Everyday Life 

(Even if you’re a slacker like me . . . )

Find a Prayer Trigger

Expand Your Concept of Prayer

Practicing the Presence of God

Use Your Wandering, Waiting Mind Well

                         Bookend Your Days

Let’s Talk About Unanswered Prayer

prayingmanUnanswered prayer is one of the most challenging things that a person of faith deals with. Before you give up or throw out your faith in frustration, consider some of the reasons that prayer often doesn’t “work” the way we’ve been taught it should.

Let’s Talk About Unanswered Prayer

God Plays the Long Game

Reality is Reality

People are People

The Most Important Reason for Unanswered Prayer

Prayers of Faith

Prayers That Get Answered

Prayers of Futility

More on Prayers and Ways to Prayjesus-meditating

Whatcha Praying For?

Meditate Like Jesus

A Prayer for Our Journey by H. Nouwen

A Prayer for Easter Morning

Emergency Prayers

Anxiety -> Prayer -> Peace

A Prayer to Begin Your Day With

Is Your Faith Good Enough? Yes, Always


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