Book of Job Study

A few years ago, I thought I was going to do an in-depth study of the Book of Job.  But, being busy has a way of way-laying poorly thought out ideas, so the project got dropped after just 3 chapters.  Then late this summer, I reread the ending chapters of the Book of Job.  I knew that by the end of the book, Job was happy and prosperous and satisfied in his soul.  But what elluded me was why.  As I had always read it and heard it taught on, God shows up, tells Job that he’s a little sniveling peon and that his friends are worse.  Not exactly the sort of thing that seemed likely to pull a deeply suffering man out of his funk.  When I went back during a time of my own suffering to re-read God’s words to Job, what I found was very different from what I expected.

Book of Job Chapter 1: Job Gets Screwed

Book of Job Chapter 2: Lowering the Boom

Book of Job Chapter 3: Ever Wanted to Die?

The Book of Job: Prelude to an Interlude

Book of Job Chapter 38: It’s a Guessing Game

Book of Job Chapter 39: Looking at our Animal Friends

Book of Job Chapters 40-41: Defense!

Book of Job Chapter 42: The Happy Ending

2 thoughts on “Book of Job Study

  1. Good schtuff. I’m also thinking about writing a book that chronicles the manic introspection of discipleship. I shared this post, and I will read your book. Blessings to you!


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