The Will of God – A Poem

The Will of God

“I always think of a story I heard
on Christian radio,” she says
crossing her large arms
washboard hands
“About a woman
abused for years
by her husband.
He became a Christian.
It’s all worthwhile then.”


Abundant life
beat your wife
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Writing my first traditional, non-sucky Haiku

  I wish I could show  the beauty I see in you when love looks through me Many poets say that their poems just come to them, often fully formed.  This is both how I usually write poems and why I haven’t written a lot more poetry. Usually it starts with some phrase that floats around my head for a while.  Sometimes that’s all there is.   I’ve had some phrases … Continue reading Writing my first traditional, non-sucky Haiku

I Am The Willow In Winter

I wrote this poem ages and ages ago but never thought it was very good.  But lines from it keep popping into my head lately.  So I thought I’d share.  I am the willow in winter Long swaying branches like tenticles dance on frigid air tinkling an icy fugue the leafless branches are all beauty, no life. I will be the willow in spring reaching down to … Continue reading I Am The Willow In Winter

Check this out!

One of the frustrations of writing my poor, little blog is that sometimes I write something that I think could be really important to people and because of my tiny reach into the blogosphere, it passes by mostly unnoticed.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote an essay on what I called New Fundamentalism which was one of those posts.  See, over the years I … Continue reading Check this out!

Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge

This may sound odd coming from someone who writes and thinks about Christianity as much as I do, but I rarely read Christian books.  I don’t even visit Christian sights and blogs anymore.   Most of what’s out there is just the same thing over and over or people arguing with each other.  So its not usually worth my time.  The one current author who is, … Continue reading Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge

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The Sheeple are Leading the Flock!

Let me tell you a few things about the Christian book/music/entertainment industry: 1. It works just like the rest of the publishing/music/entertainment industry. 2. It is a system which grants power, money and influence to a very few while the majority of people God has gifted struggle to get anyone to even LOOK at the fruits of their gifts. 3. It works 100% according to the … Continue reading The Sheeple are Leading the Flock!