What Every Parent Needs To Know About Spanking

If you’re ever at a loss for how to piss a lot of people off in one fell swoop, criticize parents for spanking. That will do it every time. I don’t exactly understand it, but there are a lot of people who are really, really attached to the idea that spanking is a good thing and no amount of research, data or reasoning will convince … Continue reading What Every Parent Needs To Know About Spanking

For All Your Dream Needs

Your old men will dream dreams ~ Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17

We moderns are too sophisticated to put much stock in the idea that God would communicate with us through dreams, but dream interpretation has a long and storied history in scriptures. There are numerous examples of dream interpretation and messages being sent via dreams through out the bible. Including the dream that solid, respectable Joseph had which convinced him to go through with his marriage to Mary.

Even today, odds are good that you’ve occasionally run into people claiming to have dreams about the future or which contain messages from God. For the rest of us it’s not uncommon to have the same dream repeatedly or which for whatever reason seem important and wondered why. And we’ve probably all heard some radio show where a person who is supposed to be an expert in dream interpretation blows callers away with insights gleaned from strange dreams they have had. So, although it’s not spoken about much or given much credence in “respectable” circles, dreams and their possible meanings continue to fascinate us.

Personally, I used to be prone to repeating dreams. One in particular involved tornadoes and various family members. I finally went searching for what it could mean and found an explanation of the symbolism of tornadoes in dreams that made perfect sense to me. Once I figured out what they meant, I stopped having the tornado dreams.

After that, I would frequently try to find explanations for what my troubling, repetitive dreams might mean. So I could stop having them. But most dream dictionaries were either so incomplete or so far fetched that they weren’t any help. They’d have entries with ridiculous things like, “snakes are a sign that someone is going to betray you” or “dreaming about the color red means that you have hidden sexual desires for frogs” or whatever.

A few years ago I stumbled across what is, without any doubt, the best, most complete, most helpful dream dictionary in existence. It’s the creation of a man named Tony Crisp and you can find it at his website Dreamhawk. An expanded, more complete version is also available on Amazon.

What sets Tony’s dream interpretation apart from others I have seen is that it’s grounded in reality rather than woowoo mystical ideas or Freud’s extremely questionable ideas about what’s lurking in our subconscious minds. Instead, Tony looks at the way a subject matter is used in our language, our common stories, archetypes we’re all familiar with and the like. For example, here’s part of an entry about cooking: Continue reading “For All Your Dream Needs”

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Suffer Us Little Children

What parent doesn’t want to be a better parent to their kids? And what Christian doesn’t desperately wish to be truly humble? (OK, almost no Christian actually wants any such thing, but play along with me here.) What if I told you that I have the secret to attaining these two highly desirable goals all in one fell swoop? Well, I’d become a viral sensation … Continue reading Suffer Us Little Children

The best of the week . . .

according to omnipotent me. ;p If you twitter, you should go press that button over there to follow me on twitter.  If you don’t follow or don’t twitter or follow so many people that watching your twitter feed is like looking into the matrix, here are some of the highlights you may have missed: How a Financial Pro Lost His House is a superb first … Continue reading The best of the week . . .


Much to my family of origin’s dismay, sometimes my life is weird.  And interesting. For example, earlier this year I had a chance to learn massage therapy from a crazy, old, hippy, Christian massage and hypnotherapist.  He was a bit of a charlatan and con-artist, but a pretty sincere one.  If you asked him, he would tell you the color of your aura, how many … Continue reading Much-Ado-About-Feelings

The Homeschool Diner is Open!

My friend Julie, a smart, resourceful homeschooling mom has just opened the homeschooldiner.com. It’s a website devoted to spreading the word about homeschooling, helping people find materials, methods and curriculum which will work best for them and their child(ren). In our circle, Julie is the queen of info and always knows the best websites, resources and activities out there. If you or someone you know … Continue reading The Homeschool Diner is Open!

Stuff to look at

I’m sure all my faithful minions are heartbroken that I haven’t been blogging more this week, but packing must continue. So in the meantime, I’ll direct you to some fun stuff to look through: The Pig’s Tales: A 4th grade teacher blogging about life, school, kids and an outrageously terrible principle. I recommend starting here and wandering through older posts (the stuff on her main … Continue reading Stuff to look at

Websites about money management for kids

February’s issue of Black Enterprise Magazine has a great list of websites about helping kids learn financial management that I thought I’d share: http://www.myownbizkit.com This Website offers business opportunities to parents and their children who are highly motivated and interested in learning about entrepreneurship. http://www.youthventure.org This Website helps young people across the country start youth-led organizations that achieve a lasting benefit for their schools and … Continue reading Websites about money management for kids