My husband can’t afford me!

I did a little research about the going rate for the services I provide for a family our size in the area I live in and I also looked at Denver Concierge’s affordable maid service to have a comparison.  So, here’s my version of one of those “how much does it cost to replace a stay-at-home-mom?” lists that comes out every year around Mother’s Day: Full time, … Continue reading My husband can’t afford me!

Making Whole Milk, Organic Yogurt

Quite a few people I know have toddlers, so I’ve been meaning to pass on how to make yogurt at home rather than pay ridiculous prices for organic, whole milk yogurt.  It’s shockingly easy (and it’s not just for babies!).  So . . . from the New York Times Curious Cook column: To make yogurt, first choose your starter yogurt. If no one offers you … Continue reading Making Whole Milk, Organic Yogurt

Yankee French Bread

And now for something completely different. . . I’m going to share my family’s secret recipe for Yankee French Bread.  Actually, I found this recipe in GQ, of all places years ago and have used it ever since.  It’s super easy and gives you a wonderful, dense, slightly sour loaf that keeps well in a grocery store plastic bag.  Mmmmmmm. . . 7 Cups Flour … Continue reading Yankee French Bread