Jiu-Jitsu for the Bullied

I homeschooled my boys for years and have always caught flack for it.  However, the one group of people who rarely criticized my decision were other parents with school-aged children.   More often than not, they seemed to feel compelled to offer an apologetic explanation for why they weren’t homeschooling their own kids.  Why?  Because they were well aware that we live in a world where … Continue reading Jiu-Jitsu for the Bullied

My husband can’t afford me!

I did a little research about the going rate for the services I provide for a family our size in the area I live in and I also looked at Denver Concierge’s affordable maid service to have a comparison.  So, here’s my version of one of those “how much does it cost to replace a stay-at-home-mom?” lists that comes out every year around Mother’s Day: Full time, … Continue reading My husband can’t afford me!

The best parenting advice I’ve heard all year!

Today I was reading through a fairly fluffy article offering advice to parents of teens.  (Because with two teens in the house and a whole lot of future teens coming down the pipeline I need all the help I can get!)   In the middle of this fluffy little article, I found the best parenting advice I’ve read all year.   In the for-parents-of-teens version it goes: If … Continue reading The best parenting advice I’ve heard all year!

All Praise the Kids?

Interesting story in the NY Magazine this weekend about how praising kids harms and sometimes helps them.  Much of the research about praise isn’t new to those of us to pay attention to such things, but for many people the reality of how praise can help and harm kids runs counter to what we’ve been taught to believe. The first thing that researchers have discovered … Continue reading All Praise the Kids?

A childcare guru in Britain comes to his senses

Perhaps some tides are changing. This article about a childcare guru in Great Britain changing his mind in favor of keeping young children in their parent’s care is nice to see. Apparently the fact that babies need loving interaction with the same people who will see them through adulthood and the aggressiveness and behavior problems of those children deprived of such care finally got to … Continue reading A childcare guru in Britain comes to his senses