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The Upside Down World ~ A Book of Wisdom in Progress

After my husband of 13 years left me with 5 kids and no money, I did what any logical woman who hasn’t had a real job in 12 years would do. I decided to publish a book. The Upside Down World ~ A Book of Wisdom in Progress was the result. I still haven’t decided if this was a stroke of genius or the work of a crazy person, but the computer did die 5 minutes after I sent the final revisions off to the printer.

For better or worse, the husband has returned and the book remains something I’m immensely proud of and hope you will share with me. While writing and putting it together, I imagined myself creating a scrapbook of those things I most wanted to give to the world: essays that moved people, a spiritual memoir sharing the roots of my faith, poetry written out of love, stories and quotes of encouragement and notes with crazy ideas that someone else might be able to pick up and run with. And beautiful pictures to set the whole thing off.

But please don’t think the book is your usual Christian scrum. Recently I got this note:

“Thanks for the book! I downloaded a copy in spite of not generally being attracted to the ‘Christian’ genre. I’m enjoying the pictures and when I read your first part about the ‘Yoke of Jesus’ I knew this one would be okay to read. It’s so nice to hear from someone that doesn’t think you are a sinner if you are poor! (Okay, maybe I went to a bad church once…)” – Karen

I thought, “just wait until she gets to the poem ‘A Man With Many Lovers’. Then she’ll really know she’s not in Kansas anymore.” And at its heart, that’s the essence of the book: unexpected yet accessible. Enlightening but not preachy. An easy read but one that will stick with you long after you’re done. It’s cliché, but quite literally it will make you laugh and it will make you cry. And will almost certainly have you saying, “huh – I guess I never thought of it like that before” as well.

So please come and join me here in my upside down world. Where an adolescent girl finds God in a shoe and families write poems together and momhood means breastfeeding on the toilet. Blessings! ~ Rebecca Trotter

A mom, writer, thinker, talker, teacher, Christian and odd duck . . . In a world with so much noise and so many voices trying be heard, Rebecca stands out for her insight, wisdom and slightly quirky take on life, religion and the business of being a human being.

Part memoir, part meditation, part poetry, part storytelling and art and essay all mixed together. The Upside Down World ~ A Book of Wisdom in Progress is a deceptively easy read that will stick with you long after you’ve put it down.

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