Sunday Sermon Episode 5 Is Up!

John the Baptist says to stop being an arse . . . This week’s Sunday sermon is up. The subject this week is “John the Baptist says to stop being an arse” and includes naked chicken throwers so you’re definitely going to want to go check it out and share it with all your family and friends and randos on social media. Continue reading Sunday Sermon Episode 5 Is Up!

Sunday Sermon Episode 4 Is Up

Who Are We? (Your Answer Is Probably Wrong) This week’s Sunday Sermon is up over at The Upside Down World’s Patreon page. This week I’m discussing why it’s so important to ground our concept of ourselves in original blessing rather than original sin. I hope you’ll take a listen and let me know what you think! Continue reading Sunday Sermon Episode 4 Is Up

Sunday Sermons Episode 2

Jesus Saved Our Christmas Dinner I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas yesterday! In the spirit of the Christmas season, which just started according to the traditional liturgical calendar after all, I’m sharing a story of how Jesus saved my family’s Christmas dinner and what he has to say about choosing to go last. Just click the text anywhere and it will take you to … Continue reading Sunday Sermons Episode 2

Sunday Sermons Start Today!!! Check it out!

If you’re reading this right now, odds are excellent that you’ve followed The Upside Down World for quite a while. My audience is kind of small, but mighty. I’ve been writing here off and on for over a decade but at some point, I had to do a cost-benefit analysis for writing all these essays that weren’t getting the sort of eyes on them that … Continue reading Sunday Sermons Start Today!!! Check it out!

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Time To Get the Party Started!

Who doesn’t love The Upside Down World? Well, people who haven’t heard of The Upside Down World, of course! And let’s face it, not nearly enough people have heard of The Upside Down World. Which I’m sure we can all agree needs to change. So how ’bouts we go ahead and change that? I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes creating all kinds of … Continue reading Time To Get the Party Started!

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On Living and Warring

Years ago one of my sisters got lost for several days while hiking in the mountains. There was a massive search which culminated in her being rescued via a helicopter from the middle of a river several miles from where she had gone missing. Thankfully, she didn’t suffer anything more than dehydration and some trench foot from the experience. But when I spoke with her … Continue reading On Living and Warring

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A Bubble of Protection

Top o’ the morning to ya! As you may have heard, today’s St. Paddy’s day, so I figured I’d share a prayer that I’ve used for years when I’ve felt overwhelmed or fearful. It’s just an abbreviated version of a hymn called St. Patrick’s Breastplate. There’s an apocryphal story about the hymn in which St. Patrick and his monks were facing certain death from a … Continue reading A Bubble of Protection

Wanna Help Me Change the World?

Once upon a time, I wrote on this here blog so frequently that mere mortals had a hard time keeping up. Strangely enough, all that writing never turned into the massive money-making machine one would assume. Sad though that is, it’s fine because I’ve found a new money-making venture that’s sure to lead to the fame and financial windfall which, I’m sure we all agree, … Continue reading Wanna Help Me Change the World?

How To Lose 50 lbs Without Even Trying! (Or Not)

I lost 50 lbs in 6 months and now weigh less than it says on my driver’s license. How often does that happen? And I wasn’t even trying to lose weight! I haven’t been this size since before I got pregnant with my 16 year old. How awesome is that? Meh, not particularly awesome, actually. Like most people who lose weight quickly without trying, the … Continue reading How To Lose 50 lbs Without Even Trying! (Or Not)