Diaper and Milk Fund

Like what you see here?  How about putting a little cash where your like is?  If you would like to support the work of this blog, allowing me to make some improvements and put diapers on a Trotter child’s bottom, please consider making a donation today via Paypal:

2 thoughts on “Diaper and Milk Fund

  1. Rebecca,

    Just found this through Rod Dreher’s blog. I’ll definitely make a paypal donation, though it’ll have to be a small one. (I, too, am a struggling writer!) I’ve been inspired by many a “rebeccat” post on Crunchy Con, and I know you have the faith to make it through these dark days. Just hold on…

    Much love,


  2. You have at the very least our prayers. My husband just started a job last week after being jobless for 2 months. Before that he was laid-off from his job and was out of work for 6 months. We had two young ones under the age of 3, one of whom was very sick.


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