In addition to being a fantastically talented, thoughtful, funny, brilliant and insightful writer (yes, I’m writing this about myself in the 3rd person – why do you ask?), Rebecca is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker. She is available to speak on:

Building a Life of Prayer in a World of Chaos ~ Also available in an expanded form as a 1 or 2 day workshop. Explores the practices, theology and potential of prayer as well as how it can be integrated into our everyday lives. Drawing from her own experiences, ancient practices and current science, Rebecca will lead you deeper into the transformative power of Christian prayer.

Enjoying the Hard Life ~ Based on her book The Upside Down World’s Guide to Enjoying the Hard Life this is Rebecca’s inspirational message on how to find joy regardless of one’s circumstances.

A Gospel Worth Living For ~ Turning everything you thought you knew about the evangelion – good news – gospel upside down to reveal the life sustaining truths of a faith built on Christ alone is Rebecca’s hallmark. Bringing reality and scripture together, the story of our true identity, God’s relationship with humanity and the truth revealed through Christ’ life, death and resurrection is rescued from the traditions of men and restored to the proclamation of the really, really good news which it has always been meant to be for all of mankind.

What the Hell? ~ With good humor and deep knowledge, Rebecca definitively demonstrates that our current notions about hell are not biblical and have nothing more to support them than the traditions of man. In this address, she explains the biblical basis for what has been called “The Beautiful Heresy” – the teaching of Universal Reconciliation.

Prayers to Build a Faith On ~ Rebecca shares the story of the roots of her own remarkable faith life through the prayers which laid its foundations. Moving and funny, this address will leave you thinking about your faith walk in new, deep and life-affirming ways.

Following God in Pain and Struggle ~ It’s rather strange to realize that many people seem to think that they can achieve a good, comfortable life by following in the footsteps of a homeless, hunted man who was rejected by his own community, tortured, mocked and killed. With honesty, humility and gentleness, Rebecca talks about suffering and the Christian life.

Spiritual Parenting ~ Starting with a proper spiritual view of our children and our relationship to them, Rebecca explains how to grow spiritually inclined children without turning them off or shutting them down. Can also include a frank discussion of teaching our children a healthy, Christian sexual ethos.

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