Time To Get the Party Started!

Who doesn’t love The Upside Down World? Well, people who haven’t heard of The Upside Down World, of course! And let’s face it, not nearly enough people have heard of The Upside Down World. Which I’m sure we can all agree needs to change. So how ’bouts we go ahead and change that?

I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes creating all kinds of goodies to share with the world – podcasts, new essays, books, videos, and what Upside Down World fans the world over have been waiting for – MERCH! Of course, building anything takes more than just a pretty face, good ideas, and hard work. It also requires money. Which up until now has been hard to come by, but fear not – I have a plan! It’s a good one. Don’t worry – we’re going to have a good time doing it too.

I’ll be sharing details of the plan and how you can pitch in and bring The Upside Down World to the rest of the world over the next few weeks. Right now, there are two specific tasks we need to get done to get this freight train going that we need to take right now. First, let’s get to know each other better. I have a patreon page that we’ll be using for that. And then we need to make sure everyone has proper gifts and stocking stuffers to pass out to friends, family, co-workers, and random people on the street. So let’s get started.

I know everyone’s super excited about merch, but life’s been a bit dicey lately so I’m short on the money I need to upgrade the site so I can start taking orders. Which is where the Patreon page comes in. For as little as $2/a month, Upside Down World fans will gain access to exclusive content, previews, behind-the-scenes look at work in progress, and places to meet up with me and other Upside Down World aficionados. Support from the Patreon page will allow me to cover overhead, hire help to create more, higher quality content in a variety of mediums, and – most importantly at the moment – GET UPSIDE DOWN WORLD MERCH OUT INTO THE WORLD!

And if you don’t have big cash to throw around like that, that’s cool. OF COURSE you get to be part of the party too!!! While much of what I post will be exclusive to patrons, there will also be content published exclusively on my Patreon page that’s available to anyone so be sure to stop over now and again to keep up and join in the conversations. (Don’t worry – just subscribe to The Upside Down World and I’ll remind you 😉 ). In fact, if you want a preview of the new merch store, head on over to Patreon right now and follow the link there. Only place you’re going to find it before the store goes live!

Obviously, with the holiday season upon us, we’re short on time, so I’m offering a bit of sweetener to the pot. For the next 24 hours only, you can get a coupon code for 30% off one item from the merch store when it launches for new patrons at the $2, $10 and $25 tiers and 30% of your entire order at the higher tiers of support.

Go look at the site – there’s more!

Alrighty everyone – you know what to do!

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