Who Are You Calling a Liar? Parkland Shooting Edition

Image result for parkland shootingProbably the most pervasive problem that trauma survivors deal with is not being believed on account of not sounding, looking, acting or thinking how people think a victim should in the aftermath of the trauma.

If we smile or laugh, we’re lying because we should be grief stricken.

If we cry hysterically, we’re acting because we’re over the top.

If we stumble over our words, we’re having a hard time keeping our lies straight.

If we speak eloquently, we’re lying because we’re too composed.

If we throw ourselves into another dangerous situation, we’re lying because we should be seeking safety.

If we hide away, we’re lying and can’t withstand people asking questions.

If we don’t tell anyone, we’re lying because if it happened, we’d tell people.

If we shout what happened from the rooftops, we’re lying to get attention.

If we become an activist, we’re lying for personal gain.

If we never want to speak of the subject again, we’re lying because we should want to fix it.

If our traumatized brains have a hard time remembering details or maintaining focus, that’s evidence we’re lying.

If we are calm, cool, collected and on point, then we’re lying because we should be struggling to hold ourselves together.

It literally doesn’t matter what trauma victims do or how we react, there are people who will use it as evidence against us. Why? Because some people are evil, pure and simple. Remember this as you watch the way some people are talking about the kids and parents speaking out after the Parkland shooting. Those who have partnered with evil are exposing themselves. Pay attention to these people and don’t forget who they are. Not everyone is a good person.

4 thoughts on “Who Are You Calling a Liar? Parkland Shooting Edition

  1. Ideas about how the traumatised “should” behave do great harm, as when juries won’t believe rape victims because they are too coherent, or, alternatively, too incoherent.

    Parkland is a special case. If we pay attention to the victims, we risk being forced to re-examine our relationship to guns. And that would never do

  2. Bullseye with grace!Your a sharp shooter in a time when the world wants to run around with linguistic machetes. Illuminating the nectar of truth in the madness most just dismissed. In the silence God is speaking and you are listening. thank You for being a microphone of hope truth and humanity . What the world need is Love and truth not one or the other and your flaming arrow marks this every time with one life shot to death, the church calls it victory, I call it about time. If all of creation is groaning to awaken surely you are the one standing and the gong bell saying come on guys lets get moving, there are people dying out there in the streets, gun men are running in to our schools and making our children their evil sacrifice for their blood thirst for power attention or retribution for all the pain that’s just gotten so out of control. Madness happens its part of organize chaos , the narrative and how we handle it, that just reveals the heart of all men. So here’s the real deal. When grandmas in wheel chairs and moms with cancer are the usual homeless person I love on, when children are becoming the voice because they want to live not die WE GET TO WAKE UP and stop blame shifting and start a conversation about reality our kids require it!

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