Marmot for President!

I think it’s really important for us to remember that Trump does not and never has had the support of the American people. He lost the popular vote by millions of votes. He currently has something like a 37% approval rating. Which is unheard of for an incoming president. Even President G.W. Bush had a 62% approval rating after losing the popular vote. So it may not change the facts on the ground, but we can take comfort in knowing that we’re not actually totally surrounded by complete idiots.


5 thoughts on “Marmot for President!

    1. Did you see that they’ve also moved to re-instate a very old rule which allows members of the legislative branch to set the pay of individual government employees as low as $1? I have these people who act like it’s just unfathomable that anyone would view Trump as a threat and it’s just maddening. No matter what he does, they find a way to excuse it. Makes me want to neck punch people.

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