This Makes No Sense to Me

There is this bizarre phenomena that I run into now and again where someone will respond to criticism of modern racism by pointing out that in the early to mid 20th century, the Democratic party, particularly in the south, was unabashedly racist and for a while even aligned itself with the Klan. Like I’ll bring up the fact that Trump was enthusiastically supported by white supremacists and someone will say, “the Democrats are the real racists. They were the ones who passed all the Jim Crow laws.” To which I respond . . . whaaaaaaa????

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the history, it is quite true that the Democrats were, in the past, active proponents of racism and segregation. That all changed after the passage of the civil rights and voting rights acts in the 60s, of course. By the late 70s, Republican Ronald Reagan was campaigning using rhetoric about states rights and racist tropes about “young bucks” and “welfare queens” while Democrat Jimmy Carter was campaigning in African American churches. In the 1980 election, the people who used to vote for the racist Democratic party of the mid 20th century now voted Republican.

So what in the world do people who insist on responding to criticism of current racism by pointing to the Democrat’s history of racism think they are doing? What point do they think they are making? How exactly do they think I’m supposed to respond? I am deeply confused when people do this.

Do they imagine that I will be so shocked to hear that Democrats used to embrace racism that I will refuse to have anything to do with them and run into the arms of the party currently supported by racists in order to maintain my purity? Am I supposed to go easy on today’s racists because in the past they would have been Democrats?

I mean, back in the day, the Democrats were a big proponent of maintaining an agrarian society and distrusted paper money. The Republicans used to believe in a strong federal government and opposed states rights. Should we be trying to hold the parties to their original standards? Should I bring that history up when a Republican advocates for more control for states and a weaker federal government? If in 50 years, the Republicans are staunchly secular and the Democrats are highly religious, would it matter that in the past the parties were reversed? Does the label of Democrat and Republican have magic juju bound to it that transcends whatever the party is about in real time?

Can someone help me out here? I’ve tried asking these questions of the people who do this and, strangely, none of them have been able to come up with an answer that makes sense. And yet they keep doing it. I’m just trying to understand the logic here. Which, now that I think of it, is probably a mistake on my part. Sometimes the answer really is “because they’re morons.” It happens.

3 thoughts on “This Makes No Sense to Me

  1. Rebecca, I really do enjoy your writings. You make perfect sense to me. I look forward to reading your thoughts. Thanks.
    Keep them coming.

  2. I don’t know what those people are trying to do, Rebecca. I can’t know, because I’m not them. And the only way to find out is to ask them. Since you have, and they don’t seem to have an answer, try giving them a history lesson as you have here in this post. in another area, I’ve been quite astonished by the number of people now confused about their medical insurance because they have it due to the ACA, and yet they are 100% for the repeal of Obamacare. Go figure. Who’s going to tell them that the ACA and Obamacare are exactly the same thing? Unfortunately, there is a percentage of the population who will listen to and parrot back anything an authoritarian leader says, and that’s the situation we have now, I think. They are not thinking for themselves or don’t know what critical thinking and analysis are.

  3. it’s part of the “You too “defence, and its emotional basis is to challenge the moral right of someone criticising a blatant evil. At one point, people made a talking point of the fact that Richard Dawkins was descended from slaveowners. The answer in that case was ridicule; shock, horror, he was actually descended (and all these claims are true) from sulfur-metabolising bacteria.

    I can understand, and we need to understand, why nearly half of those voting in November voted for Trump. But I don’t know how to get through to those who still think that that was a good idea.

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