Would You Look At This Crap

I just got this email from my congressman. Well, if you look at the fine print, you’ll notice that it’s actually from his newsletter. The only way to provide your opinion was to sign up for his newsletter. Because he’s using the possibility of Russian interference in our election to sign people up for his newsletter apparently. The email was so spammy that Yahoo asked me if I was sure I wanted to follow the link before taking me to the webpage. I mean, I get that a political crisis like this is a chance to sign people up for your newsletter and all, but what the actual fuck is wrong with this man? Says a lot about the quality of people who are running the country and how seriously they take their jobs.

I’ve blocked out his name simply because I would rather not have my approximate location out on the internet. But he’s a Democrat, for the record. I clicked the link to try and confirm if it was really from him, but all that did was automatically sign me up for the newsletter. We are living in loony-tunes land.


3 thoughts on “Would You Look At This Crap

  1. The Dems have been reluctant to admit that many people are merely sick of neocon policies, sick enough to adopt a truly dangerous quack-remedy. (Some are also truly racist, imagining somehow that _somebody_ (anybody other than people like Trump who’ve somehow ended up with the loot of the crime) must be getting better breaks.))

    As the traditional song went:
    “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
    (I don’t know why
    she swallowed the fly)
    Poor old lady, she’s going to die…
    [After many more verses about dubious ways of dealing with the side-effects of dubious ways of dealing with the original fly and etc, this ended with]:
    Poor old lady, she swallowed a horse.
    She died, of course.”

    Trump may well be our horse. But the Russians didn’t make us do it.

    1. The Democratic leadership needs to pull its head out its hindquarters right fast, I’ll tell you that. I’m not sure if Russia was involved, but if they were, a lot of what they did was merely play on existing problems and fractures in the country. Part of the danger of brainwashing your own citizens, I suppose. Brainwashed people are easily manipulated. Probably why they (whomever they might be at any given moment) do it.

  2. Frightened people are easily manipulated.

    I don’t need to tell you about the amount of sheer economic survival-insecurity in this country — nor about the news people are exposed to: recurring war scares, disasters, the horrors of life in nations [that they won’t admit our government destablized] suffering chronic civil war and terrorist atrocities — with an implicit “Got to get Them before they do it to us” subtext that keeps Americans almost as scared as the more realistic threat of losing their jobs.

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