Let’s Get Something Straight

Praying for someone and being critical of them are not mutually exclusive things. Neither are loving someone and calling out their wrong doing. And, I know this is hard to believe, but speaking out against evil is not the same thing as sowing fear.

Right wing Christians understand all these things when they’re targeting the weak, the vulnerable and the oppressed, but seem to lose site of them entirely when it comes to the mighty and powerful. If one more person tells me that we need to pray for the president love our enemies and not sow fear in response to me criticizing the cheeto dusted Mussolini redux they just elected, I might have to start being rude about it.

(Also, for the record, being rude is not a mortal sin. If you can’t tolerate some rudeness without having a meltdown and withdrawing, you are damn near worthless to the Kingdom of God, anyways. Who’s he supposed to send you to minister to – comatose people? The demand for that isn’t as high as you’d think, I’m afraid.)

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Something Straight

  1. And calling someone a “cheeto dusted Mussolini redux” is not being rude? I am 99.9% in agreement with your criticism of the president-elect (it’s still hard to write that title). I have no problem calling out his actions of lying, racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, etc., but I’m not seeing much difference between pro and anti Trump people when our name-calling rhetoric matches theirs. Being rude may not be a sin but it can be distracting. We can be in their face angry but let’s not give in to the belittling that allows both sides to ignore the actual issues. Just like non-violent protest is preferred to violence, can we try to prefer principles to name-calling. Please. (Yes, I know Jesus called the Pharisees “snakes” and “vipers” but He also told us to be like “snakes” so I’m not quite seeing the equivalency…)

    1. Oh, no, I readily admit to being rude. It’s one of my spiritual gifts. Which apparently we are given for good reasons. Look, I get it, I’m being super obnoxious. Here’s the thing; people like obnoxious. Once you have your principles down, you have to speak in a way that people can hear. I happen to be pretty good at the insult/rude/true but not nice to say game. What’s going on is serious. We cannot de-fang ourselves on principle. You have an obvious conman like Trump who has gotten the presidency by being a rude jerk. Jesus said we are to be crafty as serpents, innocent as doves. I’m engaging in nothing but trash talk of the sort that normal people do all the time without causing harm to themselves or others. The only thing I’m liable to hurt with comments like that is someone’s ego. And i want to provoke people. Often when we are provoked, something completely idiotic comes out of our mouths and brings us up short. Stuff like that. There’s a method to my madness. But I promise – I know what I’m doing and I’m not going to hurt anyone. I’m just really, really hard on egos. Something like being rude – a trait which is often viewed negatively, but we see God display himself – tend to be tools or weapons that require training and practice to do well. Anyways, that’s probably more than you were looking for. lol

      But I did also explain a bit more in two other posts from today – particularly the one titled “Why and I being so nasty?”

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