If God Wanted Trump In Office . . .

If you are one of those people going around claiming that Trump is God’s choice to run the country, you need to be crystal clear about what other people are hearing you say. You are telling people that God chose to stand shoulder to shoulder with white supremacists and against those who are subject to oppression, hatred and discrimination owing to who God created them to be. You are telling your minority neighbors that God cares more about American power than about their safety and well being. You are telling them that God picked sides and the side he picked is the same side that the KKK, Stormfront and other racist organizations stand on, not theirs. You are telling the world that God gave Trump a victory which was celebrated with Nazi salutes and calls of “Heil Trump” in a ballroom in D.C.

I totally get that most people who voted for Trump aren’t white supremacists. But the white supremacists believe that Trump speaks for them. They now believe that the country belongs to them and not to your neighbors who are not white Christians. One of their leaders is now advising the president elect. And you’re saying this is what God intended for this country. I mean, I’m sure that’s not how you see it. But you’re not the only one who matters around here, darlin’. You may have been able to write off and overlook the fact that white supremacists campaigned for Trump and view his win as a victory for them, but after surviving lynchings, torture, and oppression we can hardly imagine at the hands of white supremacists, your minority neighbors cannot be so sanguine about a white supremacists taking over our government.

Whatever reason you had for voting for Trump, you need to to know as absolute fact that you have contributed to causing the overwhelming majority of your minority neighbors and family to feel betrayed, unsafe and completely unloved right now. It doesn’t matter if you think this is valid or reasonable, it is reality. How you deal with that fact will reveal your heart, for good or ill. Do with it what you will. We’re watching. Don’t make it worse by pinning blame for your minority neighbor’s fears and feelings of betrayal on God. That’s evil from the pits of hell, pure and simple. Repent.

5 thoughts on “If God Wanted Trump In Office . . .

  1. I agree with you Rebecca. It makes me ill that so many “evangelical Christians” feel relieved to get Trump as their president. And some of them are my friends. And I am called to love them anyway. How do I do that? The world has gone crazy right now.

    1. I’m thinking of writing a post on this. I need to get my thoughts straight. But where I’m at right this moment is that we need to think of ourselves as the grown-ups in a world of unruly teens. You don’t hide your disapproval of their behavior, although you don’t bring it up and throw it in their faces unnecessarily. You let them know that your position is not open for debate nor is it subject to change. And you have peace that whatever else is going on, you are doing right. And you open yourself to be a conduit of God’s love, whatever that looks like (love isn’t all sunshine and butterflies after all).

  2. If Thump is God’s choice to run the US, it merely suggests we must have done something really bad! That might have been in a past life, but there might have been a few lapses more recent than that?)

    Or it might be some kind of a wake-up call: “Hey, guys! You’d better wise up, or life will wise you up. This can happen the hard way or the easy way, which do you like best?”

    We might not ‘deserve’ calamity, but merely need some for educational purposes. (Or maybe, despite being personally very nice people, we’ve collectively approved some truly clueless behavior, caused suffering enough to barf out the Earth.)

    In one sense it’s all God’s Will, whatever may be — but calamities are only means to God’s ultimate intention. They aren’t the means of choice, but then we don’t know what makes for ultimate happiness, can’t see what would have been if we’d been spared (yet again) this time.)

    1. I think you and I see things very similarly in regards to God’s intentions and whatever messes we are facing. What I am struggling with is how often this “let them see the consequences of their stupidity” approach leaves those who are most innocent and already struggling to bear the brunt of the suffering. But God is creative. Perhaps he has a plan that will come as a surprise to all of us.

      1. Yes, God is astonishingly creative; I’m sure we’ve both seen examples in our lives. (Examples of great mercy to us as well!)

        But no matter how safe we personally have found ourselves, we wouldn’t feel right if we could be indifferent to casualties falling around us.

        I sometimes need to remind myself — mainly, observing the troubles that come to people I certainly believe entirely innocent, even Jesus in his historical career — that “nothing that people suffer in this life does permanent harm.”

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