“Trump Says He’s Going To Bring Steel Back . . .”

A couple of weeks ago I ran into an acquaintance who told me that work at his job was so slow that his hours had been cut and he was afraid that by Christmas they would be closing the shop altogether. He’s a machinist, which is one of those jobs which is usually in high demand; I know just a couple of years ago local shops were recruiting kids right out of high school for training. So I asked him about that but he just shook his head and said that it’s changed. Then, to my surprise, he said, “what we really need is to get Trump into office.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Because Trump says he’s going to bring steel back to America and that’s what we really need.”

Now, I like this guy a lot. He’s a little rough, but he’s a good guy who I have no reason to think anything bad about. But he’s never struck me as the very sharpest tool in the shed. So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that he took Trump’s words at face value. But I was. I still am. Trump’s such a transparent conman that I struggle to understand how people don’t see it.

Then again, I can also see how when you’re afraid and someone powerful says they are going to help you, it must be awfully tempting to just accept what they say and not think too hard about it. And obviously, if a man with two small kids and all the usual responsibilities is living in fear of not being able to provide for them, that’s not Trump’s fault. That’s the result of a long line of decisions made by powerful people from both sides of the aisle not that did not put the needs of regular people first. Trump’s just the opportunist who was bold enough to step in and take advantage of people’s fears and hostility for his own purposes.

I asked my friend, “you really think Trump’s going to bring steel back? I think he’s full of shit.”

He kind of shrugged and said, “well, I guess we’re about to find out.”

Before we parted ways, I told him I’d say a prayer for him and his family, for whatever that might be worth. I didn’t tell him about how my husband has lost 5 jobs and a business in the last 11 years, through no fault of his own. I didn’t tell him that there actually are worse things than losing a job. I didn’t mention that Trump’s election had caused my own family to fear for those worse things actually happening. The way things are going, he’ll probably learn those lessons on his own eventually.

I keep wanting to find a way out of this impending disaster. I am sickened that the most hateful among us now think that they have both the power of government and the will of the people behind them. But perhaps it’s just the nature of things that we’ll all have to be brought low before we can really understand that not even poverty is the worst thing that can happen in life. I guess we’re about to find out.

5 thoughts on ““Trump Says He’s Going To Bring Steel Back . . .”

  1. Come November 2018, gently remind this guy why he voted for Trump, and ask him to compare his expectation in November 2016 with the reality.

    People see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear (I know that sounds a little bit like Psalm 135), and we are all that way. So I really appreciate, despite our deep differences, the way you reach out lovingly to those at whom far too many of our allies merely sneer

  2. Yeah, we’d be sooooo much better off if Hillary would have been elected. After all she cared so much about the little guy, you know, the deplorables…. You said I don’t understand why he can’t see it. On the other foot I don’t see why you can’t see why we do like Trump. I cannot wait for Obama and Michelle to leave the White House. Those 2 also said they were going to help people. Hah! And no liberal leaner mentions the VP elect Mike Pence who is one cool Christian dude who will be 2nd in command of our country. I’m a follower of Christ who believes with everything that is in me that Trump being in office is totally in God’s plan. We are going into another season only this time of real hope and change. I want a lefty to tell me why they think Hillary would have been so much better as president. Why? She’s the one that is deplorable but just can’t see it. And yes I do believe he will bring a lot of jobs back and maybe that’s not all that’s needed but it’s a start.

    1. Here’s a question for you: have you ever known a sociopath or been abused by one personally? Trump is a textbook sociopath. Therapists all over are reporting that their patients with PTSD owing to abuse are coming in with activated symptoms simply from watching Trump because the man is such a prototypical abuser that watching him take power feels like watching your abuser take power. He literally says something and then denies having said it. He just makes things up. He’s cheated nearly all of the small businessmen who have done work for him and been involved in thousands of lawsuits (and no, that’s not normal for a man with a business his size; the next 10 huge real estate firms in this country combined have been involved in a fraction of the number of lawsuits he’s been involved in). He talks about bringing jobs back even as he gets special visas for foreign workers to work at his resort. He talks about bringing manufacturing and steel back, even as he has his products manufactured and procures steel for his buildings from overseas. He has been talking about his daughters in sexualized ways since literally infancy. His racism and embrace of the alt right causes me to fear for the safety of my husband and children. The idea that God is cool with any of that is repugnant defamation of his goodness.

      I didn’t like Hillary. She represented a continuation of American empire which is bad for the country and the world. But then again Weimar republic was pretty jacked up too. Doesn’t mean electing Hitler was a good idea. And as for Obama, unemployment is down, the stockmarket is up and we haven’t had a major terror attack on our soil during his tenure. The hatred he and his family have endured comes from the pits of hell. Pure evil. And Trump was one of the purveyors of that demonic evil with his birther lies.

      There is an exactly zero chance that Trump will do anything good for this country. People like you have decided that we need to experience the version of reality in which George Bailey was never born. Fortunately, you represent a minority. Trump lost the popular vote to literally one of the most hated politicians in history by 2.5 million votes.

      At any rate, I’m sure we won’t agree, but please don’t tell me that God is behind putting a man whose top adviser leads a movement that calls my children mongrels and my husband worse. Don’t tell me that God intends for my daughters to be lead by a man who grabs women by the crotch because he can get away with it and talks incessantly about his own daughter’s body. Don’t tell me that God is behind the racism, hatred and lies this man used to elevate himself into office. Don’t tell me that God has ordained for a sociopathic abuser to take control of this country and hand it over to the globalist elite to use for their benefit. That’s blasphemy and there’s no way you can honestly claim to be a follower of Jesus while making such revolting, disgusting, blasphemous claims.

    2. I really think that the thing which is most offensive to me about the idea that God wanted Trump in power is that it would mean that God is on the same side as white supremacists. I know that the white supremacists don’t constitute a majority of Trump voters, but they were enthusiastic supporters of him. To say that God is on the same side as white supremacists is just as revolting and blasphemous as saying that he’s on the side of ISIS. I am just undone that people like you are going around making that claim. Have you seriously considered what that says to minority people in this country? That God would place himself on the same side as the people who hate them with a fiery passion? That’s how you think God operates? That somehow fits into your concept of God? That’s insane. That’s not faith. That’s the end times delusion that we’ve been warned about. That’s calling good evil and evil good. Like I said, I don’t like Hillary. At all. But she ran on the idea of bringing us together. You’re telling me that God is behind the guy the white supremacists say represents their views and not behind the person calling us to come together for the common good. Sorry, but that sounds NOTHING like the God I worship or the Christ who lives in me. That sounds like a demonic delusion you have fallen under.

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