Interracial Marriage Realities

My African American husband has moved into all of our homes sight unseen after we discovered that once the rental/real estate people met him, housing suddenly became unavailable and our credit wasn’t good enough. When I handled all the in-person stuff by myself, suddenly it was easy enough to find housing.

My husband and I are not connected on facebook in large part so that I can run my mouth without worrying that his employment or career might be adversely affected if I say something controversial, particularly about race. He has essays on race issues that he won’t publish, despite having offers from a few high profile websites because of fear of blowback.

I have signed more than one confidentiality agreement with more than one of the corporations my husband had been employed by agreeing not to discuss the details of their racist treatment of him in exchange for a small severance package that didn’t come remotely close to covering the time it takes for a black man to find a job.

None of this stuff is unusual for people of color in our country. Which is why the claim that racial issues are the result of the media or “rabblerousers” and that white people experience as much or more discrimination than non-white people is utter dishonest, delusional bullshit.

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