There are sociopaths among us. And if we pretend that there are not, if we insist that everyone just assume the best and look for the good no matter the evidence, we leave ourselves vulnerable to being manipulated by them.

Do you know how you dis-empower sociopaths? You make it impossible for them to act on their sociopathic tendencies without being detected. You don’t dismiss or minimize sociopathic behavior. You ask people to act only in ways which are incompatible with sociopathy (love, empathy) and ask them to take responsibility for making things right when they do not.

Sociopaths can’t get traction under those circumstances without resorting to brute force. But under circumstances where we all just assume the best and pressure people into forgiving and overlooking what’s right in front of them, sociopaths thrive. And you know what? Sociopaths are thriving right now.


3 thoughts on “#stopempoweringsociopaths

    1. It’s as if everyone knows that there are bad people out there, but no one thinks they’ve actually met one. They’ll be looking right at someone who is sociopathic and make all kinds of excuses to either deny or minimize the reality of who they are and what they are doing. And I think we have a situation in the states at least, where sociopathic thinking has become normalized so that people don’t even recognize it as wrong or immoral.

      1. Indeed. There are some socipaths who hide it behind charm (Tony Blair), and, a new phenomenon, some who flaunt it (Donald Trump). The people who voted for Blair didn’t know they’d get lied into a war, or see the erosion of the public-private boundary in UK health care and education; but the people who voted for Trump are getting exactly what they asked for

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