In Which I Own the Libraturd Title

I’ve avoided nearly all hot-button cultural and political topics around here for many years now. And I don’t write screeds about how terrible other people’s theology or morality is. Yet, somehow, the overwhelming majority of people who have responded to my writing are not, shall we say, politically conservative. I used to be conservative, but reading the bible has a funny way of changing that, it seems.  These days I’m a pretty flaming progressive. I’ll go back to being a conservative when we’ve dealt with our problems and have better traditions to hold on to.

I’m not remotely an ideologue. Ideally I’d love to see conservatives, liberals, progressives and (I guess) libertarians have a seat at the table and hash things out together. But as I’ve been saying for years, conservatives have so totally lost their way from a moral and ethical standpoint, that frankly, they need to be removed from the grown-up table until they can get their shit straight. (Hint: what you want to conserve, has to be worth conserving and can’t come at the cost of denying the dignity of some humans.)

Which isn’t to say that if you are conservative, you are unwelcome. Far from it. If you’re willing to put up with me, I assume you are wise and have excellent taste and want to engage with you. But I do find it interesting that, absent any liberal teachers or the influence of liberal theologians, just by following scripture and praying, I came to hold a theology which apparently appeals far more to people who are not politically conservative than those who are. I’m thinking that means something, frankly. I wonder if Jesus would be a libraturd too?

One thought on “In Which I Own the Libraturd Title

  1. You’d think it would be useful to talk to opponents using their own terminology — but cognitive psychologists say you end up reinforcing the thought patterns and unconscious metaphors that terminology expresses.

    Certainly American political language is highly misleading: The (relatively) Authoritarian & nihilist wing of the US Biparty is called “Republican” and “Conservative” while the (relatively) moderate wing is called “Liberal.” We have no left wing in our politics; hence the American fish-snatching bird flies in circles, in which the Dems and the Repugnacans good-cop/bad-cop us all, having ultimately reached the point in which the electorate stayed home in droves while an alliance of the desperate and the corporate vote-hackers elected to go with the ‘bad cop’.

    I’m actually pretty ‘conservative,’ in that I’d like to see a return to (& intensification of) the poverty-mitigation and progressive-taxation efforts of my youth. Fat chance, in the present tv-imposed US mindset.

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