Salvation – It’s Not What You’ve Been Taught VIDEO

Is salvation really about avoiding hell when you die? Yes, that’s the popular teaching we’ve all heard, but in this video I explain why this is a misunderstanding and what the truth of salvation actually is. (Hint – it’s better than you’ve been told!) Enjoy!

Here’s the link for those of you reading via email. See – I do catch on eventually! 😉

One thought on “Salvation – It’s Not What You’ve Been Taught VIDEO

  1. Hi Rebecca, (Nice blog BTW),
    Hey I can’t see a way to contact you outside from leaving a comment, so, this isn’t for posting, OK? I was reading Hank Hanngraaff’s article about near death experiences on (I had an NDE 4 years ago and am attempting to write a book). There was a ‘Rebecca Trotter’ who commented extensively on the article and I really enjoyed her insights. Was that you, by any chance? – ( )
    If it was you, would you possibly drop me an email?
    Thanks so much, God bless you!!
    Oh, and if it wasn’t you, blessings anyway! :o)

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