The Christian Gospel

God the Father is Love as the one who encompasses all that is expressed in the created universe.

God the Holy Spirit is Love as it interacts with the created universe.

God the Son is Love experiencing the created universe in human form.

Jesus shows us the power of a man who relies on God the Holy Spirit to know God the Father and discovers that he is one with the Father. He now asks us, his Bride, follow the Way of the Son, relying on the Holy Spirit in order that we would know God, in whose image we were made. Jesus showed us what we look like. The Holy Spirit tell us what we act like. God tells us who we are.

The path is narrow, although easy enough to follow. You just have to follow Jesus’ words. It’s the path of the cross, however, because it means suffering the loss of whatever you take your life from that isn’t Love. Which, until Jesus returns is everything. If you do not allow the Holy Spirit to take possession of you, you will never make it, so long as humanity, by and large, is unaware of the reality of who they are as image bearers.

In the end times, the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Earth will be joined in the hearts of the people who have discovered the holy of holies that is their innermost being. And when they come together, the Golden City will be born. It’s light will cover the surface of the whole world and all mankind will seek to join in the wedding party. Which will be the final defeat of the false idols of this world that torment and oppress suffering mankind.

The church cries out, “come quickly, Lord Jesus.”

Jesus whispers back, “Just as soon as you show yourself, my bride.”


4 thoughts on “The Christian Gospel

  1. This is NOT the Christian gospel! Not sure where you read these things in Scripture, but they are not there. Jesus did not discover that He was one with God. Jesus whispers back? Rebecca, your version of Christianity is a product of your own philosophy, not biblical revelation. It is the idolatry of the human idea of love.

    God created man in His image and likeness. Man was to be holy just as God is holy. He was to reflect God’s image to creation and back to God. Man revolted and God cursed Him because God is holy and intolerant of sin. But God is merciful and loving. He sent Christ to redeem sinful man by taking the penalty of sin upon Himself, becoming the target of God’s wrath literally in our place. He was crucified, buried, and rose on the third day for our justification. When men place their faith in the person and work of Christ, the Holy Spirit fills their lives with His (not it) presence and they are radically changed, loving God and each other, and hating sin and the unholy.

    But Jesus said many will come in my name and claim to know and love me. He said we will know them by their fruit. What fruit? True followers of Christ are hearers and doers of God’s word. They do not corrupt and reject it, or create a hermeneutic that allows them to ignore those parts they find offensive, out of accord with their own autonomous definition of love and life.

    1. Oh, poor Ed. (And no, I’m not actually making fun of you.) You’re just confused dear. I haven’t denied sin or the fall or the work of the cross in salvation. I never have and never will point to anyone other than Jesus as the source of our salvation. Just because I’m not sticking to the Roman’s Road or some other modern invention doesn’t mean that I’m not preaching the gospel. And really, if you want to talk about fruit, that Roman’s Road version of the gospel has walked in lockstep with the destruction of the reputation and witness of the church, so, well, Jesus did say you would know something by it’s fruit. Bad fruit=bad tree. It’s a bad tree, dear. I know you’ve invested an awful lot in it, but truth is truth. No use pretending not to see the obvious.

      Also, the Holy Spirit is not a He. God is genderless. “Man” and “mankind” as well as “he” can be used in a way which is gender non-specific. That is, mankind is inclusive of both men and women, while womankind includes only women. It’s why the bible (and I) commonly use “masculine” words to describe God. It’s just the generic fallback for what encompasses both male and female. But to claim that God must be referred to as “he” because God is masculine is just juvenile and silly. God contains both the feminine and the masculine. As to “it”, well again, God is neither male nor female and as the Holy Spirit works is rather mysterious. (BTW, I’d bet the sandwich I’m going to eat for lunch that you don’t know this: there’s a long tradition of referring to the Holy Spirit in feminine terms that dates back to the early church.) So, really, if me using a pronoun you don’t approve of counts as an actual issue when speaking of God, that says much more about your lack of understanding than anything.

      As for fruit. Well, as it says in Revelation, the saints overcome “by the blood of the lamb and the power of their testimony.” If you want to look around here, you can find some of my testimony. I can tell you that there are more people than you would guess whose lives are completely different because of my involvement in them. If I have nothing else in this world, I can take comfort in knowing that my life has born fruit far and wide. If I ever need someone to testify to the power of my life, I can rest easy knowing that there will be a nice little line of volunteers who would be happy to bear witness for me. And try as you might, you will never find any evidence of me pointing anyone to anything other than the saving power of Christ as the reason and as our hope. My witness is solid. Google my name. See if you can find anyone complaining about how I have treated them in real life or online. I’m not perfect. There are certainly things I have said and done that I’m not proud of. But nothing that people would remember much or try to warn other people over. So, I think I’m good on the fruit front. How about you?

  2. Their lives are different because of YOUR involvement? My life is different, not because of some human involvement, but because of God’s radical involvement.

    When Jesus said the world will HATE you because it hated me, who is the world? If I listen to you long enough I would wonder why anyone would ever hate you. In your view everyone makes it. No one is lost. In the end, we are all happy together. But that is not the sort of message that resulted in the crucifixion of Jesus and of the death of most all of his closest disciples.

    Rejoice and be exceedingly glad when men will say all manner of evil slander against you falsely for my name’s sake. The NT I read paints the picture of a fallen world filled with immorality, false teachers like yourself, and people who are sworn enemies of God and all that He stands for.

    1. Oh, Ed dear. You just don’t know. I’ve lost all my friends more than once. None of my 8 siblings have spoken to me in years. I nearly lost my husband at one point. And I’m going to go way out on a limb and guess that I wouldn’t be welcome to participate and follow my calling in your church. If only Jesus had been kidding about the world hating those who follow the narrow path. Yet, not one of those people who have turned on me would even think to testify against me. Because there’s nothing to say that anyone would have any sympathy for. And they know it.

      And I am a laborer for God. I am proud that he has chosen to use me as a tool to change people’s lives. Are we not Christ’s hands and feet? Shouldn’t we own that privilege and revel in it? Yes, people’s lives were changed because I was obedient to Christ. Praise God for it!

      As for why Jesus and the disciples were killed, well they were killed because they were a threat to the powers of this world. The power of oppression, hate, control, violence, suffering and fear. If we are a threat to those forces, we will be hated and suffer the weight of the cross as I well know. I can’t even walk into most churches and find acceptance, despite having given my life in obedience to God, for pity’s sake! And it’s precisely because God has freed me from being subject to fear, control, oppression and all manner of evil!

      Seriously, consider the message that you find so offensive; that God is utterly victorious. That neither the power of of he’ll nor the intransigence of humanity can deprive God of that which he has created. You are literally arguing for a defeated God and calling me unfaithful for not agreeing with your message of the inadequacy of the cross. No wonder the only people who hate you are people you don’t really like or approve of. That’s a very safe, non-threatening message you’re fighting for. Just arguing for the status quo usually is.

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