Sleep Tight Under the Stars

The heavens declare the glory of God; the sky displays his handiwork. Psalm19:1

See that? It’s a picture of a tiny patch of empty space taken by the Hubble Telescope. And all those things are galaxies. Galaxies! Not just one star, but bilions in each one. Can you imagine?

I look at something like this and wonder,”what in the world is this all about?” What is God doing, creating so much? One galaxy would seem to be enough. Or 100 or 1000. But that’s tens of thousands of galaxies and there are billions more. Why? What is God doing? Is there a reason for all of this or is the reason just the joy of creating and exploring creation that God desires? Is it a desure for beauty or a complex puzzle to enjoy? How many children does our God have? It boggles the mind.

And how absurd that anyone who would attempt to claim to understand God. Looking at just a small glimpse of what God has made, how can we even understand man? What can it possibly mean to bear the image of the one who has created all of this? What is life in the middle of all this?

After a while, the little girl in me can’t help but turn to her daddy and say, “look what you did! It’s so beautiful! I can’t believe you made all that! You did so good, Pappa!”

(You can read more about the technical aspects of making this picture and what you’re seeing here.)

5 thoughts on “Sleep Tight Under the Stars

  1. “for we contain the Sun and Moon
    and galaxies of galaxies like powdered sugar
    with none of it worth a hait on a gnat’s butt
    except we see it shining.”


  2. I think once the ages are over and judgement is all done and dusted and God’s got us all back where he wants us, then, we get access to all that stuff in the picture. we get to explore and live in all those other places go’s has already prepared. Either that or maybe i’ve been watching too much Adventure Time!


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