You Daily Cud

A random thought to contemplate over your lunch break:

Nearly everyone likes talking about themselves. One of the simple ways we can be loving towards others is to give them the chance to do that for an interested audience. (That being you.)

One thought on “You Daily Cud

  1. I was very shy as a kid/young teen, and then progressed to quiet, and now mid-life I am no longer shy or quiet, but just an introvert. My point? All those years I was shy/quiet I’d read articles on how to be more outgoing, how to have a conversation, etc. One tip was that people like to talk about themselves – so ask the right questions and you will get someone talking. You will be a great conversationalist without hardly saying a word! Listening: the forgotten side of a conversation.

    But I like your quotes emphasis on love. If we truly care about someone, we should be willing to thoughtfully listen. Listening can solve so many problems….


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