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‘K – something you need to know about me; I am freakishly un-photogenic. Seriously. Not that attractiveness is terribly important, but I am much better looking in person than on this video I’m going to share with y’all. Even my 13 y.o. when he was helping me format the video commented, “you don’t look anything like this in real life, mom. It’s really weird.”

Which is all cover to make myself feel better before coming out from behind the text and sharing my video with you. The video’s my top 5 strategies for forgiveness. Something which I have had my fair share of experience with. Ahem.

(If you were on facebook last night and saw me freaking out – this was what had me all in a tizzy. Thank you to all the peeps who gave me a boost. BTW, if you’re not following The Upside Down World on facebook, you should go do that. After you watch the video:)

If you enjoy the video, please pass it around. And all of the ideas I share here are also found in my book The Upside Down World’s Guide To Enjoying the Hard Life. Along with 40-some other tidbits of brilliance. It’s totally worth the $5.98 that you should go spend on it right now. As long as I’m bossing y’all around! 😉

6 thoughts on “Forgiveness – VIDEO

  1. I really like what you have to say and it affirms what I have already been taught and already know (my pastor gave a sermon on forgiveness two weeks ago and it was quite similar.) There are two major events in my life that really taught me how to walk through this process and I will, without naming names, share the more recent event. I don’t think I have even encountered evil firsthand before this event and, worse yet, he tried to hurt two people that I care about. I had to give this person over to God and something God showed me made my heart ache for him, evil as he remains, that is while I have family and friends in my life that make me rich in intangables as do both of my dear friends, this person is so sociopathic, he has neither family or close friends. While I still have some post traumatic experiences because I am still afraid of this person, I can pray for whatever is hurting or missing in his spirit to be healed and that, instead of hurting people, he could build his own life of friendship and love.

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    This is a 10 minute long video about forgiveness. It is very similar to the one my pastor, Bob Palumbo, gave a couple of Sundays ago. I have found forgiveness to be essential to my walk as a Christian and empowering at the same time. Rebecca breaks the process of forgiving into five steps the first is to acknowledge the hurt and the damage that has been done. The second step is to name that which you wish to be freed from. The third step is to not own the other person’s venim. You didn’t ask for abuse, you were not at fault. Sometimes, you need to give this process to God. Step four is giving your brain a chance to develop new pathways in which the old way of thinking is replaced with something healthier and finally, try to live a day continously forgivining. I recommend the video but not the self-loathing in the beginning. Girl, I am the queen of self-deprication and I see what you’re doing. Don’t. Remember whose you are.

  3. Thanks, Rebecca. The image that came to me is you wringing out a wet towel. You have had a hard life but you have learned hard lessons from it and processed the things that happened to you very thoroughly. You’ve been learning healthy ways and habits, and you are not afraid to share where you started. I appreciate your wisdom gleaned and the detail of it.

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