We’re in the Last Days

Forget the re-settlement of Israel or all the weird astronomical alignments happening this December, if you want real proof that we’re in the last days, look no further than the spread of Prince Harry’s nudie shots around the globe. Can you imagine telling people in colonial India or America that the day would come that people everywhere would see the Prince of England in the buff? They’d have thought you were crazy. Yet here we are.  😉

“There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.” Matthew 10:26

3 thoughts on “We’re in the Last Days

    1. I think that’s what’s so funny about it – I was like “eh”. But really someone living 300 years ago would have been astounded at the idea. And would probably be completely befuddled at our non-shocked response!

  1. A moral theology built on the authentic Gospel will be a far cry from a stoical morality built on duty and obligation, both deduced from some cosmic law of nature.–Fr. Joseph Oppitz, C.Ss.R, Autumn Memoirs of St. Alphonsus Liguori

    Becoming a Christian is not so much inviting Christ into one’s life as getting oneself into Christ’s life. ~Orthodox Study Bible

    Actually, the function of the moral sense is not to draw morals from Scripture at all, to moralize history, but to assure the correspondence between the Christ-event and the inner man. –Paul Ricoeur

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