God Sees You

It’s all well and fine to do right for the sake of right and to give because you can.  But so often, there’s no reward.  It’s not just a lack of appreciation, it’s as if no one even sees that you are there or what all this giving or doing right is costing you.  That’s when it can be helpful to let God be your audience.

As you do something good or give of yourself, bring to mind how pleasing these things are to God.  Don’t go announcing to onlookers that the things you are doing are exceedingly pleasing to God and suggest that they join in the being pleased with you groove.  This is your secret audience with God.

It is hard to keep your chin up when it seems that no human will ever see, acknowledge or praise you.  But you can be comforted to know that God and all the host of heaven* think you’re doing amazing things.

* The kooky Christian massage therapist/hynotherapist I worked with over the summer claimed to be able to see the number of angels surrounding a person.  He claimed (and I’ve heard this elsewhere) that angels mostly just watch us.  He said he didn’t know why, but that they seemed to find us very interesting.  It made me think that maybe angels like to watch us the way we like to watch TV and movies.  I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s an interesting idea – our lives as performance art for angels! haha

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  1. I wonder if God saw the holocaust. Guess he was too busy putting the virgin mary’s face into grilled cheese to do anything about it.

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