Life, the Master Teacher

Learn the Lessons that come your way – one day you may need to rely on all of them in order to survive!

If we allow it to, life will teach us the lessons we need in order to live well.  When it is hard, it is training for us so that we will be strong and smart enough to find our way through the disasters that may come our way.  If you are avoiding the training, you will not survive the battle when it comes.

Amazingly, life doesn’t just train us so we can survive what is coming.  It is also training us to overcome the battles of the past.  Many of us are wounded in life long before we have enough experience and training to know how to find our way through safely.  But if we learn the lessons that life is trying to teach us, we will also find the tools we need to heal our old battle scars.

Whether it is past battles or wars yet to come, life is doing its best to equip us well.  So, be careful to be learning whatever you can.  You would hate to miss the wisdom that brings the healing you are looking for or be too weak to face storms that bear down on you if you don’t.

One thought on “Life, the Master Teacher

  1. Great words of truth! You don’t get a second chance very often in life so you better learn as you go the first time out. Thanks for the great thought…. Visionkeeper

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