Emergency Prayers

My high school English teacher told us to do this and I still do: say a prayer when you see flashing lights or hear a siren.

Keeping a good perspective is absolutely essential to enjoying life and emergency lights and sirens are great reminders of just how good our lives our.  Because somewhere nearby someone is having a really, really, really bad day.

Flashing lights and sirens generally only show up when there is danger, suffering, and hardship – even if its often self-inflicted.  So when you see flashing lights or hear sirens, say a prayer.  Thank God that whatever is going on in your world, at least those lights and sirens aren’t for you.  And ask God to protect the people involved and provide them with whatever resources they will need to deal with what is happening in their lives.

One thought on “Emergency Prayers

  1. I agree and have always done the same. I need to teach my kids this also – but now they get more excited when they see the sirens because they love firetrucks. But seeing the sirens sure puts life in perspective and gives me a reason to pause.

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