An Appreciation for the Absurd

If you ever meet me, have ten minutes and want to see me laugh, ask me about my wedding day.  It’s a story I would never tell a bride-to-be.  That would be like going into the gory details of how you and your baby were painfully maimed in labor with a pregnant woman.  Because things didn’t just go wrong that day; they went absurdly wrong.  (Plot highlights include someone getting set on fire, a dog hit by a van and a doomed wedding cake.  My favorite part was at the end of the night when my mother asked me if my wedding was everything I had wanted.  I had to resist the urge to respond, “yes, Mom – I’ve always dreamed of not showering on my wedding day!”)

Sometimes life spins so wildly out of control and everything goes so completely wrong, that the word absurd is about the only one that fits.  At those times when your life could make a top-notch sitcom or dark comedy, you might as well learn to laugh along.  I think that an appreciation for the absurd is a good antidote to just about any disaster than doesn’t involve permanent harm.  Because sometimes, despite your best efforts, disasters happen.  And laughing when they do is much more fun than any of the other options available to you when life becomes absurd.

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