Whatcha Makin’?

Imagine being given a box of parts with no directions or labels or pictures to guide you.  You would be forced to put whatever it was together without the benefit of even knowing what the end product was supposed to look or how it’s supposed to work.  It would take time to look through the pieces to see what is there.  You would have to experiment to figure out different ways that the pieces could fit together as you tried to decipher what it is you are trying to make.  It would involve a lot of trial and error and failed attempts before your project started to come together and look like anything.

This is very much what our lives are like.  We don’t start off knowing who we are or how to put the pieces together.  Some people have been given fairly simple projects to put together.  Others seem to have hopelessly complex projects that seem like will never come together to make anything.  Some people get the framework up and decide that they’ve done enough.  Others just sit among the pieces.  But if we stick with it, correct our mistakes and try again, we can build great things with the pieces of our lives.  We just have to be willing to persist and give ourselves the time we need to figure things out.

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